In 1880 Frank Pearn & Co constructed a purpose-built factory to produce mines drainage pumps, in West Gorton, Manchester, just round the corner from the Beyer Peacock locomotive works.

Internal transport was a 50cm Decauville railway supplied by Fowler of Leeds. This was added to using material manufactured by Fowler. When the remains of this system were removed in 1984, the following items were purchased and brought to Ripon.

1880 Decauville
3 platform wagons with 'Panama' axleboxes
1 wagon turntable, 2-way
1 wagon turntable, 4-way (catalogue p.9 fig.27)
10 straight track panels, 2.5m (catalogue p.9 figs.1 & 2; p.13 "Voie droite (par bouts de 2m,50)")

Fowler, 1880 onwards
2 platform wagons
1 set of points, 15'
6 straight track panels, 15'

Pearn catalogue (frontispiece) Decauville catalogue (p.9) Decauville catalogue (p.13)

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